Cafe Royal (Multi-Cuisine Restaurant)

With Hotel Central Park Turn an ordinary evening into a “delight” Great friends & great food share the same virtues with satisfaction and delight. Here gatherings become celebrations. The Environment makes the Conversations sparkle like crystal. Smiles glow warmly like candle light. All that is special comes alive. The best of food lights up your spirit, while the fabulous ambiance takes care of your soul. Our expert chef will dish out delectable Indian curries & tandoori specialties to the accompaniments. “The pursuit of excellence is a never ending commitment.” To further our services & facilities we have an impressive line-up of amenities. Join us to savor the efforts of our chefs & indulge yourself in their culinary delights.

Rose Buds Cafe (Coffee House)

The Central park makes delightful celebration a way of life. We indulge into the experience of worldly cuisines served into a lavish buffet at our rose bud coffee shop. The spectrum of colors, culture, customs & gastronomical delicacies stimulate the senses & the soul and makes the events memorable and cherish able. We welcome you to Experience the tantalizing taste of the environment, which will take you over completely. Pull in yourself in the mesmerizing oriental flavors. And the freshness & delicious delicacies at the rose bud that will burst out your taste buds and leave you enchanted. The live kitchen gives a tampering to the olfactory senses and makes the atmosphere more comfortable and elated.

Riviera (Bar)

The Central Park Presents you our exclusive Rivera Bar With its soothing & calm ambiance the Riviera bar gives you a revitalizing experience. Come with your friends to distress yourself with a class having a soothing ambiance. It is a perfect place to celebrate bachelors’ parties, birthdays, booze with friends and other occasions. We provide the vast varieties of drinks including Whiskey, Brandy, mock tails, Cocktails, soft drinks and wines. The culinary pieces are so unique and modern specially the bottles and the wine glasses. The atmosphere is so cool and elegant with soothing music that drives your mind with lots of positivity. Further we have all amenities to reach out your needs. So make yourself a drink and join us.